Picnic grounds at lake Gillespie
Image of man holding up a fish

Gillespie Lakes

Picnic grounds at lake Gillespie

Boating Fun

Enjoy the Lakes. Stay safe by being prepared and using the appropriate equipment, whether enjoying a ride on a motorized boat, paddling a kayak or wakeboarding.

Boating Rules

No person shall operate any watercraft in a careless manner

Lake travel shall be counter clockwise (right to left)

No wake beyond placed wake buoys

Lake Speed limit is 35 Miles per Hour

Running lights required after dusk

No Skiing on Wednesdays

Skiing permitted 10am - 7pm all other days

Three persons per boat when skiing 2 competent and 1 skier

Orange flag must be displayed during skiing

Life jackets for every person on board, person under 13 must wear life jacket at all times while on the watercraft.

Boat size limit is 21 feet, Pontoon 28 feet

No Jet Skis or wave runners unless lot leaser, see rules at office

All Boats Must have yearly or daily permit prior to launching and can be obtained at the New Lake office

Wake Boats are NOT permitted on the lake

ALL IDNR boating regulations, running lights required after dusk

Pricing changes may occur per administration