Lake Office


The Lake Office

The Gillespie Lakes Office is the center for information and checkin for camping and boating stickers.  There is also a store with a wide selection of snacks, boating, fishing accessories. So it has a little something for everyone.

Gillespie Lakes

Boat Sticker Fees




150 +

Daily $10$15

Canoes Kayaks 



  • Lake lot lessees are now allowed Jet Skis on the same days as boating with lake registration $100/yr
  • Boat length limits: 21ft for regular, 28ft for Pontoons​
  • Skiing and Tubing 10am - 7pm , Not allowed on Wednesdays
  •  ALL skiing boats must have a competent observer aboard and orange flag displayed.
  • All boats must have a daily or yearly permit prior to launching which can be obtained at the Lake Office.
  • Wake boats are NOT permitted on the lake
  • Like jackets for every person on board.
  • Persons under 13 must wear a life jacket at all times 
  • Three persons are required when skiing, 2 competent and 1 skier
  • No wake dusk to dawn, slow areas where buoys are present.
  • Lake traffic is counter clockwise right to left
  • New Lake speed limit is 35 miles per hour
  •  Old Lake, no wake​
  • And all IDNR boating regulations, running lights required after dusk
  • Pricing changes may occur per administration 

Gillespie New Lake is 207 acres in size. It is approximately 30 feet deep at its deepest point. It is owned by the City of Gillespie and is cooperatively managed with IDNR Fisheries. This There are two concrete ramps on the East end of the lake. There is also camping, fishing, swimming and store available at this site.

The BEACH - a good time without spending a dime!

2023 Open Date is May 26th 

Hours: 10am-6pm  Sunday - Thursday

​             10am-8pm Friday and Saturday

  • The beach water is not suitable for drinking. Avoid swallowing the beach water.
  • Admission to the beach may be refused to all persons having any contagious disease. Infectious conditions such as colds, fever, ringworm, foot infections, skin lesions, carbuncles, boils, diarrhea, vomiting, inflamed eyes, ear discharges, or any other condition which has the appearance of being infectious.  Person with excessive sunburn, abrasions, which have not healed, corn plasters, bunion pads, adhesive tape, rubber bandages, or other bandages of any kind may also be refused admittance.

 * A person under the influence of alcohol or exhibiting erratic behavior shall not be permitted in the beach area.

 * Littering is prohibited.  In addition, no food, drink, gum or tobacco products are allowed in the water.

 * Glass containers are prohibited throughout the beach area

 * All children who are not toilet-trained shall wear tight fitting rubber or plastic pants

 * No Single Swimming, at least two persons present at all times.

 * Persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years of age or older 

 * Personal conduct within the beach must be such that safety is not jeopardized

 * Diving in shallow water is not permitted

 * Swimming is prohibited after sunset or before sunrise, or when thunder is heard or lighting is seen which invokes a 15 minute waiting period

 * No pets are permitted in the beach area

 * Feeding of wildlife or other actions that may encourage their presence is prohibited

 * Patrons should protect themselves from sun exposure with sunscreen or sun protection.

Camping Regulations
Quiet time starts at 11pm til dawn 
All campers must have camping permits and register at the Lake office prior to entering campsite
Area must be keep clean at all times.
Campfires in firepits ONLY.
NO Cutting of trees  
NO nails or spikes in trees
NO bottles, cans or trash in the campfire.
All campfires must be extinguished prior to departing
Pets must be leashed as all times and monitored
Loud music and/or profanity is not permitted
NO Firearms, air rifles or other type of weapons
No ATVs, dirt bikes or unlicensed vehicles or electric motor driven bikes permitted 
Parents are responsible for children at all times
No refund on camping fees
Only 2 vehicles per site
Clean camping site prior to check out to avoid penalties

Pavilions are available for Rent $25/day with $25 deposit refunded upon cleanup inspection

Reservations are recommended

Gillespie Old Lake is 171 acres with a shoreline length of 15 miles, watershed of 3,300 acres, maximum depth of 21 feet, and average depth 8.8 feet. It is owned by the City of Gillespie and is cooperatively managed with IDNR Fisheries. This small water body is predominantly used for recreational fishing only.

​Approximately 14 species occupy this fertile water body. At this time, only channel catfish are stocked periodically by IDNR Fisheries.
This lake has a trolling motor only regulation. There is one concrete ramp on the north end of the impoundment. There is also camping available at this site.